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woman putting on contact lenses


Whether you think contact lenses will give you better vision or you simply want a different look, we love to help our clients correct their vision in a way that works for them. You can choose from many different types of lenses to find the best option to suit your eyes and provide you with an exceptional quality of vision. With us, you get to try your lenses to see how they feel, have your eyes tested by an optometrist during your initial assessment and receive aftercare appointments to make sure they stay healthy.


An assessment is a vital part of getting contact lenses. It allows an optometrist to test your eyes to ensure you are a good candidate for lenses and for you to discuss the requirements of your lifestyle and routine. The optometrist can then give you a recommendation and you can try out some lenses. We take care and plenty of time with each new patient, so you can ask about any uncertainties or concerns you may have.

close up image of a contact lens


Our wide range of contact lenses allows us to help people with all different lifestyles and requirements. Whether you have a simple or complex prescription, we can help you find the perfect lenses. Our selection includes a variety of specialist lenses including advanced multifocal options for bifocal and varifocal vision. Even if you’ve been told contact lenses aren’t for you, with recent advances in lens technology there’s a good chance we could help you to find lenses that are safe and effective.


We offer aftercare and advice to our contact lens clients to ensure you get continued care while wearing your lenses. These appointments are crucial to making sure your eyes remain comfortable and healthy. Your optometrist will check your lenses are still right for your eyes and fit well while also ensuring your eyes are still healthy. Aftercare appointments are a great opportunity to check in about your eye health and get the latest information about lens and vision technology that could help you.

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